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Here are some nice things other folks have had to say about our booze books:

"That set of corporate tax law volumes adorning your bookshelf: impressive. What would make it more impressive: if one of them contained a flask of 50-year scotch. Hence, these hiding nooks of booze, disguised as finance books, medical books, cooking books and—naturally—parenting books."



"The Chicest Way To Hide Your Booze Is In A Book"



 "If later today you're planning to try and shy away from your family by reading a book, I have a great suggestion for you: choose one which contains a bottle of scotch.  The guys over at Bender Bound have created the best books ever."



"A great philosopher once said, “There is a lot of wisdom in a bottle of whiskey.” (It was either Confucius or Jimmy Buffett, we can’t remember which one.) There’s truth to that adage. We’ve shared more knowledge after some Johnny Walker than we have after finishing any book (albeit slurred knowledge). If you want the appearance of a learned man while you puff on your pipe and relax in your robe, then get yourself a Bender Book." 

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