Muhahaha...The Master Plan is Coming Together!

by Joseph Updegrove August 28, 2016

Muhahaha...The Master Plan is Coming Together!

Our week started on a highly aspirational note as we attended the 2016 NY NOW product show that was held in New York City from August 20th through the 24th. The show features products from nearly every single product category you can think of (e.g., gifts, home furnishings, textiles, handmade designs, etc.), and we really enjoyed chatting with some of the folks from Freaker (, Slightly Alabama (, and Trixie & Milo ( It was great to hear (and see!) the success stories of these companies and certainly gave us a lot to think about as we get closer to launching our own booze books product line. NY NOW prepared for for the debut of Bender Bound!

We then traveled to our packaging warehouse to check on the progress of the books being prepared to ship...and we are SO CLOSE! The warehouse we've decided to work with not only provides custom packaging solutions for some of the largest companies in the United States, but also provides incredible opportunities for differently-abled employees. The trip to the packaging warehouse was a huge success and it was really great to meet the team with which we hope to have a long-lasting partnership.

Overall, it was a very successful week and the countdown is on for the first wave of booze books to be shipped to our very patient customers!

- J

Joseph Updegrove
Joseph Updegrove


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