Houston, We Have Lift Off...

by Joseph Updegrove September 18, 2016

We have finally done it! After many, many months of perfecting the design, working non-stop with our suppliers, and getting our booze books packaged, we are now ready to start shipping to our incredibly patient (and loyal) customers. We are still working out some kinks, but over the last few days, we have been sending booze books all over the world and the books are now ready to be purchased on our website (click the "Shop" link above) and on our Amazon store front (search for "Bender Bound Booze Books" in the search bar on If you have purchased a book, please leave some feedback on our website or on Amazon...and although we think the books turned out pretty fantastic, we want to continue to improve, so be honest in your comments. This is a HUGE milestone for Bender Bound and if you love this idea as much as we do, please share with your friends and family. Booze Books for all!!

- J

Joseph Updegrove
Joseph Updegrove


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