Our booze books


We did not seek nor receive permission from any of the original authors or publishers of the books we repurpose to cut a large hole in their products and hide flasks inside, although we do hope they have a sense of humor about the whole thing. To avoid even the possibility of consumer confusion regarding the party responsible for repurposing the books that appear on this site, the inside covers are clearly stamped with the coveted Bender Bound Inc. Coat of Arms.

We do not recommend drinking alcohol while performing official duties as an attorney, broker, banker, doctor, chef, parent, or any other profession. Our products are intended for after-work enjoyment only. Employers tend to frown upon the use and/or storage of alcohol at work.  So do many bar associations, professional licensing bodies, medical boards, federal regulators, child services agencies, etc. Check your employee handbook, professional rules, and conscience before using our product. Frequent use of alcohol has been linked to numerous health problems. Please drink in moderation. In fact, we are going to go ahead and say we are not responsible for anything bad that happens as a result of our products including, but not limited to, spontaneous combustion. If you do get in trouble while using our products, please do not sue us.  Nobody likes a cry baby.

On a more serious note, alcoholism is a real problem, especially amongst professionals.  Drinking is not a solution to your problems.  Please don't let our repurposed books be a gateway to alcohol abuse.  Good talk, see you out there.

DANGER: Don't Drink and Draft!